The Dubuque Racing Association has awarded the Darlington Fire Department Dive Team with a $7500 grant to purchase essential communications equipment.  This equipment will allow our rescue divers to communicate with each other underwater and with those on shore or in our boat.  The ability to communicate underwater creates a safer more efficient dive team.  Thank you Dubuque Racing Association!  http://dradubuque.com/

About us

The Darlington Fire Department is a volunteer fire department with over 30 members.  D.F.D. responds to all types of fire/rescue calls to include fire, technical rescue, water rescue, and dive.  The department prides itself in the skills demonstrated by its members.  The amount of donated time and effort put forth to achieve this has proven to build a successful team with the knowledge, skills, determination, and comradery to be successful in each field of rescue.   We at D.F.D. thank all of our communities for their continued support and prayers.

Darlington Community Fire Department

230 West Cornelia Street