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Dec. 7,1910-Annual Dance was ahead by $20.30.

Oct. 9, 1911-It was voted not to give a supper at Annual Dance. Music for the Dance was by the Nelson Band of Darlington.

The Dance was reported on at the December meeting and the Departrnent made $24.00.

The Secretary was asked to write to the Fire Chief in Brodhead for information regarding the automatic ringing attachment for the fire bell.

June 18-20, 1913-State Fire Tournament in Monroe. It was voted to send men down and stay over night, due to the long trip to Monroe. The Department paid for room and board, which came to $220.00. This also included the band.

The Dance on this year cleared $15.70.

March 23, 1914-Ordered new uniforms at a cost of $7.72. This price included the caps.

For the Annual Dance, it was decided to have a supper to be held at the Hotel Richards for $.35 per plate.

It was reported at the next meeting that the Dance made $44.82.


Chief - P. F. Fitzpatrick -- 1st Assistant Chief - J. O'Neill -- 2nd Assistant Chief - T. H. Murphy

Talk of organizing a local Firemen's Association of the towns in Southern Wisconsin.

Tournament to be held at Rice Lake on June 15th and eighteen men were to go. The Chief ordered the men to train before they went.

A Firemen's Parade was voted on for sometime in July and to have a small tournament. All visiting bands would have free meals.

A bill from Dr. Peck for $1.00 for dressing a wound from one of the men in the tournament was voted paid.

Nelson Bros. charge $2.75 for a lock and keys for all firemen. Vote paid.

The Dance for this year cleared $63.75.


Chief - P. F. Fitzpatrick -- lst Assistant Chief - J. O'Neill -- 2nd Assistant Chief - T. H. Murphy

March 3, 1916-It was moved and carried that the Fire Department send its running team to Juneau, Wisconsin on June 21,22 and23 and all expenses to be paid by the Department. The team was ordered into training.

Memorial Day the firemen were to turn out and march to both cemeteries, to put flags on all deceased members graves.

July 10, 1916-At the meeting on July 10, the bills for the running team for the trip to Juneau were read: Rooms - $20.00, Board - $65.40, Train fare to Janesville- $26.98, Train fare to Juneau- 21.60, Cartage- $.50.

The Department will go to Monticello, Wisconsin for the Annual Tournament, by train, and all members going would pay their own expenses.

A bill for J. F. Hoskins, who was hurt at Monticello was voted paid. The bill was $1.55.

Nov. 1, 1916-A committee was appointed to meet with the City Council in regard to wiring the fire bell and for a draining table for fire hose.

Annual Dance cleared $8.90.


Chief - P. F. Fitzpatrick -- lst Assistant Chief - O'Neill -- 2nd Assistant Chief - T. H. Murphy

Nov. 19, 1917-Annual Meeting on March 19, a committee was appointed to ask the City Council for a new ladder. Also to buy markers for firemen's graves.

Tournament at New Glarus and running team would go.

Sept. 3, 1917-Talked about the big fire on Main Street (This fire took the block where the First National Bank is now, down to the DeMuth building on the corner.) The one thing that was a problem was the low water pressure, and to talk to the City Council about it.

Oct. 1, 1917-The Fire Department asked the City Council to start updating equipment. To start with, they needed new hose and nozzles.

Oct. 23, 1917-Fire Department voted to buy two $500.00 Liberty Bonds.

Nov. 2, 1917-Voted to turn the proceeds from the Annual Dance over to the Red Cross Society.


Chief - P. F. FitzPatrick

Sept. 23, L9l8-A bill to Dr. Shockley for $10..00 for dressing wounds received at the Reichling fire were voted to be paid. Another bill for doctor's services for $2.50 to T. H. Murphy, who was hurt. This happened to be a Fair Grounds fire.

It was decided that the money from the AnnuaL Firemen's Dance go to the Red Cross again this year.

The Fire Chief and the Secretary were to go before the City Council to ask for more adequate fire protection.

Nov. 4, 1918-It was voted at this meeting to pay $20.00 for the death of any active member in the Fire Depafiment. Money to come from the Firemen's Fund.

The Firemen's Band funds were depleted, so it was voted to give the band $25.00 for four months hall rent.

Nov. 30, 1918-The Firemen's Annual Dance was postponed due to an epidemic of Spanish Influenza.


Chief - P. F. FitzPatrick

March 24, 1919-Annual Meeting - voted to have Annual Dance on Easter Monday because of not having it in the fall.

A running team would be sent to the State Tournament in Oconomowoc and the team should start to train.

May 5, 1919-It was voted to send the Firemen's Band to Oconomowoc with the running team.

It was decided to raise the fire bell to a suitable height to be better heard, also to ask the City Council for an electric rinser and additional water storage.

Aug. 11, 1919-It was voted to take the whole Fire Department to the Annual Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Tournament in Galena, and the Department to pay all expenses.

Nov. 26, 1919-Annual Dance cleared a total of $58.20

History By Decade

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