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March 26, 1900-The Department asked the City Council for a cart suitable for conveying the chemical fire extinguisher.


New Fire Chief - W.D. Flanagan.

Names of Barlow, Westerman, Schreiter, Curry, O'Brien, Roy, Collins, Barnes, Procter, Martin, Howe, O'Nail, Swift are showing up in the minutes. The names do have some meaning, because they are names we hear now.

May 4, 1902-A bill for $6.00 to the Democrat for printing posters for picnic was allowed paid. (The Democrat was one of our old newspapers.)

March 16, 1903-Moved that the Chief appoint a committee to urge the passage of an ordinance by the City Council to pay each fireman $.30 per hour for time spent in fighting fires.

May 18, 1903-Special business - care for injured firemen not to exceed $1.50 per day for 10 weeks. For doctor bills and medicine not to exceed $25.00 total, to be paid out of the Firemen's own funds and not by the City. (No insurance at this time.) The Department now has three Companies.

March, 1904-New Fire Chief - H.N. Wood

May 14, 1904-Fire Department asked the City Council to release the City Band into the Fire Department and that uniforms be purchased by Fire Department.

Dec. 5, 1904-Thanksgiving Dance made a profit of $47.30.

May 29, 1905-Voted to have free cigars at the Hose House for all visiting Fire Departments and to pay a man to stay at Hose House and hand out cigars.

(The Department was having a tournament and this was part of the host Department's duties.)

Oct. 9, 1905-Replaced Fire Chief H. N. Wood with a man by the name of John O'Neil.

Moved that the Fire Department would not pay for the underwear got for the persons at the Hose House the night of the fire.

Jan. 2, 1906-At this meeting the bill was brought up about the underwear and some other clothes that came from Joe McCarville's Store. The bill was for $8.00. It was moved to be paid. So moved.

Feb. 5, 1906-They are still having trouble about the underwear. Firemen wanted to know who got them.

Oct. 7,1907-Victor Howery took the place of John J. Boyle as Secretary.

Nov. 4, 1907-Committees getting ready for Annual Dance. Supper to be at the Hotel Ryan for $.75 per couple. Music at Opera House by R. H. Driver for $15.00. Phil Wiegel was asked to go to City Council meeting and ask for new hose and stove for Hose House.

March 2, L908-Clyde Metcalf was elected Chief.

Nov. 29, 1908-Annual Dance made $13.00.

March 15, 1909-New Chief - P. H. Fitzpatrick

Voted to put $1,000 in bank to be used for member in case of accident or sickness.

Dec. 6, 1909-Annual Dance of this year lost $11.45

History By Decade

1887-1900 1900-1909 1910-1919 1920-1929 1930-1939 1940-1949 1950-1959 1960-1969 1970-1979 1980-1987